Research examining the behavior of teachers and administrators with the goal of developing policies to
attract and retain high-quality teachers and leaders, especially in low-performing schools
 Teacher Policy Research

Teacher Policy Research is a research partnership between ScholarPoint & the University at Albany, Stanford University and the University of Virginia that examines teachers, issues in teaching and teacher education to provide education policy makers with current, useful data to inform their policy decisions. The research is funded by organizations interested in evaluating current education policies and issues in education in order to effect change or implement new policies as needed.  The research covers a broad range of issues in teacher education policy, including teacher preparation, teacher labor markets, how teachers are distributed across schools, and teacher retention, particularly in urban, low performing schools. The Teacher Pathways Project is a multi-year study of teachers and teacher preparation programs to examine characteristics of teacher education and pathways into teaching and identify attributes that impact student outcomes in New York City schools.

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