Research examining the behavior of teachers and administrators with the goal of developing policies to
attract and retain high-quality teachers and leaders, especially in low-performing schools

Many individuals and organizations have contributed to the work of the Pathways Project.  From our funders, to our advisors, to the faculty at cooperating institutions, to the first year teachers completing our survey, we have been fortunate to have so much interest in and support for our project.  We recognize and applaud the following individuals and organizations for their important contributions.

We thank these organizations for important financial support:  the Carnegie Corporation, the City University of New York, The National Science Foundation, the New York State Department of Education, The Spencer Foundation and the U.S. Department of Education.

We thank our review panels whose members helped us frame and structure the research questions in the early stages of the project and reviewed preliminary findings and gave us much-needed feedback. These individuals made themselves available to us in meetings, phone conversations and written correspondence to provide critically-needed reactions and comments to our research efforts and findings.  Their continued assistance is a critical component of our research.

We thank our participating universities and colleges.  These organizations provided invaluable research information and assistance in the form of meeting with us early on in our study to offer counsel and support, providing access to documents and other information about their teaching education programs, making their faculty available to us for questions and interviews and assisting us with arrangements to survey their interested students.  These organizations are: Bank Street College of Education; College of New Rochelle; Fordham University; Hofstra; Mercy College – Bronx, Dobbs Ferry and Manhattan Campuses; New York University; Pace University; St. John's University; and the City University of New York system colleges, including Brooklyn College; City College of New York; College of Staten Island; Hunter College; Lehman College; Medgar Evers College; Queens College and York College.  Also participating are the New York City Teaching Fellows, the Teacher Opportunity Program, and Teach for America. We are indebted to the administration and personnel at these organizations for their patience, determination and enthusiasm in assisting us with data collection and support of the project.  We are also grateful to the faculty members who offered up their time to complete the faculty survey and interview.

We thank the New York City Department of Education and the Mentoring Program, for providing us the means to administer surveys to first year teachers.  We also thank the Regional Directors, who gave up time during their monthly Mentor Forums so that we could introduce the project to the Mentors, and to the Mentors and Teacher Volunteers for assisting us with the administration. Your assistance was invaluable.

We thank The College of St. Rose and Pace University for giving us access to students interested in helping us to pilot our surveys.  These pilots provided invaluable feedback which was used to create the final version of our surveys.  We thank the University at Albany – SUNY for its participation and assistance in the early stages of the project.

We thank our data partners: the City University of New York, the New York City Department of Education, the New York State Department of Education, and Teach For America for providing us important access to data on teachers and students.

Finally, our research would not be possible without the many program graduates and first-year teachers who took valuable time out of their busy schedules to complete our surveys and provide us with the data necessary to conduct our analyses.  This project would not be possible without their active participation.


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