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 The Teacher Pathways Project

Examining Teacher Preparation: Does the Pathway Make a Difference?

Policymakers at every level of government and the public understand that few issues are more important than improving the performance of America’s K-12 students, particularly those in urban, low performing schools.  The Teacher Pathways Project fills a gap in existing research by providing a systematic, data-rich analysis of the pathways teachers take into teaching and the impact of those pathways and teacher choices on student achievement in the classroom, focusing on the New York City Public School System. The multi-year study analyzes and identifies the attributes of teacher preparation programs and pathways into teaching that positively impact student outcomes. The data includes detailed program information on fifteen public and private traditional teacher preparation programs and two alternate route programs primarily serving the New York City area. 

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The Pathways Project models conceptually and empirically how teacher characteristics affect the selection of preparation pathways, how teacher characteristics influence student outcomes, how pathways influence the matching of teachers to schools, and how teachers and schools together influence student outcomes.

The Pathways Model - Teacher Preparation Paths and Outcomes for Teachers and Students

The Pathways Model






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